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    An inspiring office environment is the foundation of creative ideas, efficient teamwork, and high productivity. A dull office design with uninspiring office walls, uncomfortable furniture, and inadequate natural light can harm the overall office space ambiance. Instead, a creative office with uplifting colours, innovative designs, and custom art can boost employee morale, enhance productivity, and support work-life balance. In short, a well-crafted workspace is more than just standing desks and ergonomic

    Interior design and artistic brilliance are essential in the hotel industry, especially in creating a distinctive brand identity. More than just being a shelter for travellers, hotels have become living galleries where guests can appreciate high-end art and immerse themselves in a curated sensory experience. High-end art can enhance the overall guest experience, becoming the centrepiece of the living room area or a distinctive focal point in the lobby. It can

    Art is a way of expressing oneself through creative mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpting, and more. For centuries, people have been creating and admiring art, whether it be for personal enjoyment or for the sake of sharing it with others. With the rise of technology, we now have access to countless pieces of art from all over the world, available at our fingertips. However, as convenient as this may

    Art has been a part of human culture for thousands of years. It has served as a medium of expression, communication, and reflection of societal values. Today, the art world is diverse and broad, with numerous styles, mediums, and genres.  However, high-end art has always been recognised as a unique class of art that is exceptional and revered in the art world. High-end art refers to artworks that are considered to

    The purpose of care homes is to provide a safe and comfortable living environment for the elderly and other people with disabilities. Bespoke art is a smart investment for care home facilities. Bespoke art in care homes can have a positive impact on its occupants, and research has shown that art plays an important role in providing psychological well-being. Let's take a look at how customised artwork from Artistic Licence can

    A new addition to the AL Studio collection, Athos is our god of rock! Designed with a careful balance of monolithic shapes, textural patterning and a linear accent. Athos is shown in a luxurious earthy palette of umber and russet tones, evoking strength and stamina. Customisable by size and colour.

    Harmony- unique and customisable, created by our textile designer Lydia. Harmony is new to our AL Studio multimedia collection. The series (currently are collaged from a collection of individual paint marks on linen, some of which have been embellished with machine embroidery in contrasting threads to add texture and detail.   Harmony is fully customisable by size and colour. Shown here at 600mm sq please contact David for more information.

    A great piece that we've recently designed and made for a commercial project in London. Built up with profiled sections of wood, the raised grain and textures are further enhanced by numerous layers of black stain and wax. Measures 900mm sq  

    A bespoke illusion painting for the entrance of this London bar. A modern take on trompe l'oeil, our intriguing feather design is constructed on a vertical and horizontal reflection; painted in a sophisticated palette of iridescent blue and teal. Measuring 1000mm sq

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