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    Harmony- unique and customisable, created by our textile designer Lydia. Harmony is new to our AL Studio multimedia collection. The series (currently are collaged from a collection of individual paint marks on linen, some of which have been embellished with machine embroidery in contrasting threads to add texture and detail.   Harmony is fully customisable by size and colour. Shown here at 600mm sq please contact David for more information.

    A bespoke illusion painting for the entrance of this London bar. A modern take on trompe l'oeil, our intriguing feather design is constructed on a vertical and horizontal reflection; painted in a sophisticated palette of iridescent blue and teal. Measuring 1000mm sq

    Despite Brexit and Covid the artwork arrived on time for the opening of this stylish 5* health and well-being hotel on the coast. With 61 bespoke paintings & AL Studio art prints for the public areas alone, the image shows 4 of 480 art prints created for the bedroom suites.

    A hotel interior design firstly needs to make someone feel comfortable and secure. For example, if your hotel doesn’t offer a clean look, your guests could be put off and want to go elsewhere. It is best to firstly be thinking about the bedroom and lobby of the hotel, as this is where people will be staying the majority of the time. Unlike other business designs, a hotel has to

    Sometimes finding the perfect piece for you and your home can be difficult to decide. Some people have an artistic eye and some people don’t. if you’re someone who doesn’t have the eye for detail, colour and style, you will find this tricky. Nonetheless, you may have the eye but aren’t confident enough to be able to pick a suitable style for your room. By following our simple tips and

    Your bedroom is where you want to relax, where you want to unwind and where you want to be inspired to get up in the morning. Creating something that is ‘you’ but cooperating all of these other essential elements together can seem tricky at the best of times. You don’t want your bedroom wall to feel cluttered, but having nothing there at all wouldn’t highlight your personality enough. It’s all

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