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    How Can Bespoke Art Be Used In Care Homes?

    How Can Bespoke Art Be Used In Care Homes?

    The purpose of care homes is to provide a safe and comfortable living environment for the elderly and other people with disabilities. Bespoke art is a smart investment for care home facilities. Bespoke art in care homes can have a positive impact on its occupants, and research has shown that art plays an important role in providing psychological well-being.

    Let’s take a look at how customised artwork from Artistic Licence can be used to enhance the physical environment of care homes and why it’s an important part of the care home experience.

    Role of Art in Care Homes

    The role of art in care homes goes beyond providing visuals; it also serves as a form of therapy for residents, staff, and family members. Studies show that clinical outcomes are improved when art is incorporated into a care home setting.


    Here are some examples:

    Clinical Outcomes

    “Art is a positive distraction, directly or indirectly.”

    Art helps to reduce stress levels among residents, which can lead to better outcomes such as improved mobility, increased social interaction, and better sleep habits.

    Art can also provide a form of reminiscence for residentants in a care home setting. Care homes often select pictures and art work that can stimulate memories which create conversation points for both residents, staff and visitors.

    Studies have found that engaging with art can improve physical and mental health outcomes for residents. Art can also be used as part of therapy or relaxation sessions for those who need it most.

    Custom artwork can also help create a more homely environment for residents in care homes by providing a sense of familiarity and comfort. This is especially important when considering how stressful the transition from one’s own home to a care home can be for some individuals.

    Staff & Family Member Benefits

    Incorporating art into a healthcare setting can also benefit staff and family members. Research has found that it decreases burnout by providing an outlet for creative expression and improving morale among employees.

    Additionally, engaging with artwork can help family members connect with their loved ones in meaningful ways. It has also been proven that artwork reduces stress levels and improves morale among staff members as well as providing an opportunity for meaningful conversations between staff, families and patients alike.

    Health Outcomes

    Bespoke art has been shown to improve physical health outcomes, too – studies have found that exposure to artwork can help relieve physical symptoms due to its relaxing nature.

    Furthermore, art helps create an atmosphere that encourages people to take part in activities such as exercise or outdoor walks, which are good for overall well-being. This means that not only are there psychological benefits associated with art but also physical ones which should not be overlooked.

    Benefits Of Incorporating Bespoke Art in Care Home Settings

    Incorporating bespoke art into a care home setting has numerous benefits, including:

    Reduced Stress and Anxiety for Residents and Staff

    Research has found that looking at artwork reduces stress levels in both residents and staff members alike. This can be especially beneficial for those who are dealing with difficult circumstances, such as end-of-life decisions or transitioning into new living arrangements for their loved ones.

    Improved Resident Happiness

    Engaging with artwork has been found to improve moods among residents due to its calming effect on the brain’s limbic system (the part of the brain responsible for emotion). Additionally, looking at artwork encourages feelings of peace, joy, hope, and belongingness, amongst others – all things that are essential for maintaining mental health among elderly living in care homes.

    Engage & Educate Staff, Family & Patients

    Custom artwork for care homes provides an opportunity for staff members to engage with the greater community while educating them about different topics ranging from history to science or literature; this type of engagement helps create a more cohesive environment between staff members and patients, allowing them to better understand one another’s needs.

    Enhanced Staff Morale and Productivity

    Engaging with artwork encourages creativity amongst staff members, which translates into higher morale and productivity levels when caring for residents in their day-to-day lives.

    All these factors together contribute towards creating an atmosphere where everyone feels safe, comfortable, valued, and respected – something all care homes should strive towards achieving.

    If you’re looking for bespoke artwork specifically designed for use in your healthcare facility, then you should contact Artistic Licence for their expert knowledge and experience. Get in touch today, and we’ll help you create the perfect pieces you’re looking for.

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