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    Digital art

    Digital art

    Interior design and artistic brilliance are essential in the hotel industry, especially in creating a distinctive brand identity. More than just being a shelter for travellers, hotels have become living galleries where guests can appreciate high-end art and immerse themselves in a curated sensory experience. High-end art can enhance the overall guest experience, becoming the centrepiece of the living room area or a distinctive focal point in the lobby. It can

    A new addition to the AL Studio collection, Athos is our god of rock! Designed with a careful balance of monolithic shapes, textural patterning and a linear accent. Athos is shown in a luxurious earthy palette of umber and russet tones, evoking strength and stamina. Customisable by size and colour.

    Despite Brexit and Covid the artwork arrived on time for the opening of this stylish 5* health and well-being hotel on the coast. With 61 bespoke paintings & AL Studio art prints for the public areas alone, the image shows 4 of 480 art prints created for the bedroom suites.

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