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    3D relief

    3D relief

    Interior design and artistic brilliance are essential in the hotel industry, especially in creating a distinctive brand identity. More than just being a shelter for travellers, hotels have become living galleries where guests can appreciate high-end art and immerse themselves in a curated sensory experience. High-end art can enhance the overall guest experience, becoming the centrepiece of the living room area or a distinctive focal point in the lobby. It can

    A great piece that we've recently designed and made for a commercial project in London. Built up with profiled sections of wood, the raised grain and textures are further enhanced by numerous layers of black stain and wax. Measures 900mm sq  

    A bespoke illusion painting for the entrance of this London bar. A modern take on trompe l'oeil, our intriguing feather design is constructed on a vertical and horizontal reflection; painted in a sophisticated palette of iridescent blue and teal. Measuring 1000mm sq

    A complex, multi-layered design and construction based on a street map of the old town district of Edinburgh. Described in various interlocking patterns including Edinburgh tartan, argyle and celtic knots, highlighting prominent landmarks. Measuring 7200 w x 2350mm h

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